H2 Advisory

Inspiring Change through Human Development

OUR Company

Our goal at H2 is simple. We want to make your workplace one where empowered and engaged teams are working to achieve a common goal. Working with your teams, we Asses, Consult and Develop (ACT) through a competency-based model that is customized using Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-focused content.

OUR Approach

We envision a workplace that is designed to engage and motivate individuals to present their best self. To achieve this, we know that a ‘One Size Fit All’ approach does not work. With extensive experience in training and development, we aim to deliver tailored and customized programs and courses that understands your employees and align them to your company’s objectives. We use the latest research in assessment and best practices infused with Emotional Intelligence to minimize short term memory and retain relevant industry knowledge for longer.

Meet The Team

Raghdah Al-Madany

Carl Garner

Suad Mohammed

Aya Nejim

Sebry Noor

Hadeel Al Mubarak

Cazzie Jude

Sean Carrey

Alex Siatka

Jane Williams

Lisa Vowels

Mahetab Nejim

Candace Donovan

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