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Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurship is a critical element of business success and commercial awareness. Using the Octagon Model, the H2 Entrepreneurship program focuses on the competencies that aren’t taught in a dogmatic approach. The program will empower and equip you with skills to enhance self-awareness, resilience, and imagination, work with an entrepreneur mindset and learn how to turn ideas into action.

Program Outline

Module 1


A journey of self-discovery via a thorough analysis. Great entrepreneurs have a high level of self-awareness and awareness of others.

Module 2

The Business Idea

Discover your optimal business idea using unique psychological models that create a bullet proof business ecosystem where you can identify business opportunities and gain insight into the process of developing ideas.

Module 3

The Octagon Model

“Every decision we make, even the most logical of decisions, is based on our emotions. It only makes sense that we should develop our emotional literacy”. (Carl Garner - Creator of Emotional Intelligence Mapping Concept.) Explore Emotional Intelligence and Value-Driven leadership to better develop your leadership attributes by using your emotions and core values as data sources.

Module 4


Promote a culture of best practices by understanding how to influence and inspire your team. The module offers different psychological models to encourage engagement and enhance motivation

Module 5

The VC Pitch

Develop a plan for launching your venture, from market research and competitor analysis to final product presentation. Prepare your compelling slide deck and hone your presentation skills to persuade potential investors that your startup is the next great design.

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