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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is essential for leaders and successful pioneering organizations. This program will highlight and discuss theories, tools, and practical communication techniques to deal with complex communication issues in modern business and engage with diverse audiences internally within your team, department, organisation, and externally.

Program Outline

Module 1

Overview of Corporate

Explore how to demonstrate fundamental knowledge of corporate communication. Engage in and manage difficult conversations, messages, and e-mails at work with ease.

Module 2

Communication and
Modern Technology

Effectively use modern technology and social media platforms to engage with customers and stakeholders and learn the importance of branding and Corporate and Social image.

Module 3


Apply unified communication techniques for each department to improve and device communications through a common context and experience.

Module 4

Psychology of Branding

Learn how to reinforce your corporate identity through a streamlined visual image presented through the Psychology of Communication

Module 5

Aligning Your Mission to Stakeholders

Understand who you are as a communicator to maximize engagement and utilize core communication skills to leverage both the bottom-up and top-down approaches, including employees, their ideas, and their experiences, to identify and work towards the organisation's corporate mission and vision.

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