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Succession Planning

In today's dynamic world, businesses cannot rely on a single leader to direct their company. The essence of succession planning is equipping your business with a pool of talent that is developed and aligned to your organisation's mission to take on critical positions. Losing an experienced, capable staff can bring any business to a standstill, even the most substantial companies. Succession planning is an essential pillar for business continuity, growth, and development. Having a succession plan strategy ensures that your organization is ready to cover staff shortages and assume core responsibilities and critical leadership positions as they become available. Whether it is training employees to become the next leader or preparing new talents and retirement packages, our Program will help identify your high potential talent and equip your skills set that suits your business model.

Program Outline: The Leadership Wheel Competencies

Module 1

Introduction to Succession Planning

An overview of succession planning including definition, common myths, benefits and impact on both Human Resources and Organizational Processes.

Module 2

Talent Acquisition

Explore different techniques and strategies to address, manage and respond to market trends and anticipated business growth. Cultivate a nurturing and growth culture by Identifying and strengthening the critical attributes of the next generation of leaders to and recognise talent and match it to your organisational needs.

Module 3

Practical Applications

Explore different processes and general frameworks for implementing an effective succession plan in your organization. Produce monitoring data and reports to track staff development and develop practical and effective techniques and strategies to engage and inspire staff to perform better and recognise talent and match it to your organisational needs.

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