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Best Practice at Work- Enhancing
Organizational Culture

Thriving organizational culture is based on a shared set of beliefs that is supported by strategy and structure. The route to employee engagement is a two-way street! Corporate culture is about how well your employees are aligned to your company's purpose. The communicated message, the mission, vision, and values will inspire everyone to grow in the same direction. Your organization has a vital role in internalizing a solid culture, starting from the recruitment and selection process to providing the training and development needed for your employees to mirror organization's corporate culture values and ethics. The H2 Best Practice at Work program will instill a culture of sustained excellence by continuously adding value to your employee’s development. The program offers an array of modules that enhance and develop collaboration, team dynamics, efficient learning, and workplace motivation.

Program Outline

Module 1

Organizational Culture and Values:

Create and communicate organisational values and explore means to provide opportunities to customers within the community. Explore strategic but simple methods to share ethics and behaviors associated with company values.

Module 2

Employee Empowerment:

Understand the meaning of Empowerment and its different context and how these factors influence your teams and employees. Explore strategic but straightforward techniques to raise awareness, build capacity and develop your network to influence internally and externally.

Module 3

Emotional Resilience

Understanding the personal mindset perception and building strategies to enhance resilience and positive attitude towards barriers within the workplace

Module 4


Learn about the different levels of happiness and how that impacts the effectiveness of you and your team.

Module 5

Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace

Engage the heart through emotional intelligence at work and understand how to engage your teams with a positive attitude towards problems, empowering them to have a solution-based mindset. Learn about how workplace stressors and the pressures of family life can be balanced and prioritized.

Module 6

Creating an Environment for Success

Understand your work context and make the work environment conducive to work effectively. Creating a specific atmosphere for all employees and stakeholders. Set the tone and context for the desired setting.

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