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Mental Health First Aid Workplace Wellness Program

How many times do you brush your teeth a day?

Imagine if we were to ask the same question about your Mental Health? The Pandemic has had a negative effect on people globally. Mental Health is an issue with people experiencing far more negative emotions than usual. The Pandemic has taught us many things, including agile project management, crisis management, and thinking on our feet. One of the most prominent changes in Leadership is Employee Mental Health. As much as we are responsible for business results, we are now more than ever also accountable for the mental and physical well-being of the people we employ.

Program Outline

Module 1

H2 H.E.A.R.T:

Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence, the factors influencing it, and the impact of these factors in developing and influencing your overall well-being and lifestyle. Explore practical examples and techniques to improve Health, Effectiveness, Achievement, Relations, and Thankfulness: The H2 HEARTS.

Module 2

Mental Health Wellness

Explore mental health in a non-clinical safe setting with simple, practical Psychological Hacks for everyday use at home and in the workplace essential for maximum productivity of human development.

Module 3

Legacy Driver

Unlock your full potential and tap into your inner self to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and transform into a vision. Explore your core values, skills, talents, and passions to create a visualization of purpose that inspires your sense of self.

Module 4

Circle of Awareness

Enhance effectiveness through creating a balanced life and become more adept at allocating emotional energy into areas that you are in control of rather than areas that worry you.

Module 5

Self Model

Explore the neuroscience behind the decision-making process and learn to direct your emotional energy towards areas that you can control and influence to minimize procrastination and disengage perfectionist Mindset.

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