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Emotional Intelligence for Coaches

Coaching is inspiring business professionals worldwide to transform and achieve success on both professional and personal levels. Using emotional intelligence, H2Advisory gives you the tools you need from psychological models, templates, forms, resources, checklists, assessments, and psychometrics to become a powerful coach. In addition, learn how to use coaching in different settings; we offer tailored specialization coaching programs in Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Organizational Coaching, and Career Coaching.

Program Outline

Module 1

Coaching vs. Mentoring

An overview of coaching, styles, benefits, and limitations as well as popular myths and misconceptions in coaching tools to support you as a coach for your personal development and awareness. Recognize the boundaries of using coaching and referring to other professions as needed

Module 2

Psychometric Assessments

A psychometric assessment is a tool designed to objectively measure a person’s cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality, and knowledge.H2 Advisory has a number of patented customized psychometrics. H2 offers different assessments from different thinking styles to Emotional Intelligence ones. These results act as a road map to better understand your actions, reactions, and motivation.

Module 3

Morals and Ethics

Explore roles of morals and ethics in coaching. Identify your code of conduct and ethical values, beliefs, and criteria. Building on Core values develops your ethical practice to ensure confidentiality and trust as essential pillars of building and maintaining relationships.

Module 4

Best Practices

Understand how to build and maintain positive practices and their role and impact on your coaching capabilities. Explore fundamentals pillars of building and maintaining relationships and transform these skills to develop ties, gain new perspectives, and enhance your clientele network.

Module 5

5 Brain Thinking Styles

Our 5BT (Brain Thinking Styles) highlights each participant's preferred style of thinking. Acknowledging this allows for more effective communication and collaboration with those around them and encourages innovation and critical thinking.

Module 6

Legacy Driver

Unlock your full potential and tap into your inner self to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and transform into a vision. Explore your core values, skills, talents, and passions to create a visualization of purpose that inspires your sense of self.

Module 7

Emotional Intelligence Mapping Tool (EIM)

“Every decision we make, even the most logical of decisions, is based on our emotions. It only makes sense that we should develop our emotional literacy.” Explore the Emotional Intelligence Mapping tool, Competencies, and applications and learn how to utilize it in different settings, including coaching, consulting education, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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