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Strategic plannning

In today's business world, where rapid change is expected, organizations require a unique market positioning that delivers preparedness into corporate strategy planning and initiatives that provide a competitive advantage and maintain profitability. We will explore organisational structures and a focus on diversification and customer-centric techniques to align yourself with your competitors and sustain a competitive advantage in today's business world. The program will equip you with executive tools that will support identifying strategic vision, defining strategic goals, analysing market patterns, and budgeting pricing and financial obligations.

Program Outline

Module 1

Introduction to Strategic Planning

Strengthen the organisation by focusing on identifying and developing its needs and process and effective resources management tools. Explore different methods to support the decision-making process among stakeholders by working towards a common Legacy Driver and aligning personal mission and values to organizational ones.

Module 2

Business Processes

Learn to expand your approaches, tactics, and techniques and critically reflect on transforming your strategy into more inclusive and transparent ones.

Module 3

Complex Reasoning

Enhance your problem-solving skills and meta-thinking abilities by adopting our 5 Brain Thinking Psychological Model. Act and influence strategically in the face of complexity using a creative, non-conventional mindset approach to address organizational dilemmas.

Module 4

Market and Industry Assessment

Understand how leadership strategy enables strategy formulation and execution. Identify patterns in the market, industry threats, and new opportunities. Explore different approaches to creating direction, alignment internally within your organization and to the external stakeholders.

Module 5

Organizational Processes

Critically observe your organisation’s core processes both overall and individually. Understand the organisation’s purpose, mission, and aims and be aware of the political and economic issues affecting your business.

Module 6

Commercial Awareness

Understand the fundamentals of commercial awareness and think like an entrepreneur. Explore strategies to take calculated risks, and improve decision-making processes in uncertain and fluctuating times.

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