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Emotional Intelligence for the

People management is one of the essential pillars of Businesses and Organization Cultures and Success Stories. Emotional Intelligence involves understanding yourself and recognizing the feelings of others, and using this to actively influence others and improve personal well-being and make smarter decisions. Gaining a better understanding of your own emotions allows you to use them more productively as data to make better-informed judgments and decisions, navigate negative thoughts and emotions, and maintain self-control and regulation in stressful and high-intensity situations. Using our Emotional Intelligence Mapping Tool (EIM), H2 Advisory will support your team build the skills needed to interact with diverse groups, build trust, instill a culture of collaboration across the organization and perform at their best even when stakes are high.

Program Outline: The Leadership Wheel Competencies

Module 1

Emotional Intelligence vs. Emotional Literacy

An overview of Emotional Intelligence. Understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence, its origin, importance, and development. Moving away from theory into practice, we equip you with practical and effective psychological Hacks on Managing, Regulating your emotions, and relating well to others.

Module 2

The H.E.A.R.Ts’ Model:

Identify factors that impact Emotional Intelligence, their essence, and importance to improve your overall well-being and achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Module 3

Legacy Driver

Unlock your full potential and tap into your inner self to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and transform into a vision. Explore your core values, skills, talents, and passions to create a visualization of purpose that inspires your sense of self.

Module 4

Developing Practicies

Understand fundamental elements that contribute to creating happier and more balanced work environments that alleviate employee’s burnout, optimize their performance, and increase productivity while creating strong emotional cultures. Use this knowledge to develop and enhance habits and organizational culture.

Module 5

Personal Mindset

Boost productivity and employee engagement by developing a deeper awareness and perspective of cognitive and emotional flexibility, change management, and Resilience. Employ a proactive approach to life by exploring possibilities, thinking optimistically, and developing solution-oriented thinking styles.

Module 6

Developing Empathy for Self and Others (DESO)

Through Kindness towards yourself and others, promote diversity and Inclusion and create a culture that embraces failure to celebrate success—understanding when to be compassionate towards yourself and others. Manage conflict resolution in the workplace and minimize the intensity of anger to drive connection and create higher inclusive impactful teams.

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