H2 Advisory

Inspiring Change through Human Development

H2 Advisory has patented psychometrics customised for the uniqueness of your business, taking into account the customs and culture of every organisation. H2 takes the candidate through psychometrics which assesses the individuals’ multiple intelligences where the participants are able to establish a baseline for their personal development merging education and neuroscience. These results act as a road map to better understanding themselves, their reactions and their motivations. A psychometric assessment is a tool designed to objectively measure a person’s cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality and knowledge. Psychometrics are also a reliable tool to assess soft skills such as leadership style, decision-making style, and preferences. In addition, they can identify challenge areas that can be developed for improved efficacy making it the most cost effective technique for predicting future performance.

EQ Psychometrics

EQ counts for twice as much as IQ and Technical Skills in determining who will be successful! (Harvard Business School Research). Through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) psychometrics, the individual develops a better understanding of their emotions, as well as takes into account the feelings of others which leads to learning how to effectively navigate feelings and how to make more informed decisions.

Multiple Intelligence Psychometrics

Using Multiple Intelligences, you will be able to fully comprehend your strength and challenge areas. By using this awareness to your advantage, you will become more efficient candidates and increase your overall productivity.

5BT 5 BRAIN Physchmetrics

Our 5BT (Brain Thinking Styles) highlights each participant's preferred style of thinking. By acknowledging this, it allows for more effective communication and collaboration with those around them, as well as encouraging innovation and critical thinking.

COM 13

Is a psychometric model based on the GAD-7 used in the DSM V manual. It analyses the compassionate capacity levels of individuals to allow valuable conversations between therapists and clients in order to enhance the quality of this aspect of their lives.

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