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Mastering Self to Master Your Work.

Have you ever paused and thought, “What is my body trying to tell me? Or questioned what are my negative thoughts trying to convey or alarm me to? Understanding our thought process and inner desires and using them as data not only allows you to become more attuned to your inner self by identifying your patterns. It also allows you to have better control of your negative thoughts and better self-regulation in volatile and stressful situations. “The Four Steps of Qualifying Emotions” is a psychological model that provides you with practical and effective psychological hacks, strategies, and skills to accurately label your emotions and the emotions of others and use the Emotional Intelligence Mapping tool to lead people effectively. (EIM).

Do Less Produce More. The Art of Work Life Balance

The need for work-life balance has never been more imminent. Striving towards a more sustainable approach to life is becoming quite essential yet rather challenging to attain. By Identifying the factors that impact Emotional Intelligence, we can improve our overall well-being and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. The Workshop will highlight the Wheel of life and The H.E.A.R.T factor Models to provide you with practical and effective psychological hacks, strategies, and skills that are user-friendly and applicable to everyday life routines to support better Health, Effectiveness, Achievement, Relations, and Thankfulness Factors.

Managing Mental Health Within Your Organisation

Mental Health, in particular, has been highlighted more than any other area during this Pandemic. This is not surprising as functioning and dealing with daily routine requires regulated emotions and a balanced understanding of self-awareness and measured expectations. Understanding the fundamental elements that contribute to creating happier and more balanced work environments will alleviate employee burnout, optimize their performance, and increase productivity while creating strong emotional cultures. The Workshop offers practical and effective psychological Hacks that facilitate developing a more sustainable approach to healthier Workplace environments. These strategies enhance an array of skill sets ranging from minimizing the intensity of stressful situations to adding value and promoting Empathy in the Workplace.

Stress Management for Home and the Office.

Worry less, Act More: Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to manipulate our fears and concerns to become calmer and more content? Learn how to identify stressors in your life and navigate them to enhance your effectiveness and become more adept at allocating Emotional Energy into areas that you are in control of rather than areas that worry you. The workshop will equip your team with the Circle of Awareness, explore practical and effective psychological hacks, and simplify job application strategies to reduce a reactive approach and be more proactive.

Navigating Negative Emotions

The Pandemic has had a negative effect on people globally. Mental health is an issue with people experiencing far more negative emotions than usual. The workshop offers practical and effective psychological Hacks that have been broken down into simple techniques that can be practiced at home, the workplace, or as part of our everyday lives to allow you to be more present at the moment. Understand the foundational building block of Anger and the different intensities while learning the secrets given to professionals supporting their clients in therapy.

The Power of Forgiveness

Do you forgive or not? How does forgiveness, or lack of it, influence our abilities and overall well-being? Understand the significance of forgiveness and how it is beneficial on both a personal and professional level. By offering practical and effective psychological Hacks, the workshop will showcase a guided practice model to explore different components of forgiveness and how to put them into using simple step-by-step guidance in developing and enhancing your Emotional Intelligence capabilities.

Environmental Happiness through Practical Neuroscience.

What activities can you incorporate in the workplace to naturally boost levels of happiness? Globally, companies are struggling with high turnover rates and low employee engagement and satisfaction. Explore GDOSE and understand the 5 Happiness chemicals and the factors attributed to each one of them. Understanding what happiness is and its components on both personal and professional levels will support participants to improve their levels of life satisfaction for themselves and those around them. The workshop will also work on the latest research available on organizational purpose alignment to the organization's individual employees' vision. This knowledge will support the transformation to create a culture of happier, more conducive workspaces within your department and across your organizations where employees feel valued, appreciated, making a difference, more optimistic, positive, and constantly improving on their mental health.

The Power of Empathy in the Workplace

What is Empathy? How is it different from Sympathy, and why is it important? The seminar will feature an overview of Empathy, benefits, types, and common myths. By exploring Levels of Empathy, you are able to develop Empathy for yourself and others. These concepts promote developing self-regulation and becoming more attuned to circumstance and its impact. Applying Empathy in its correct format, you will be able to minimise judgments, biases, and disconnection—empathy fuels connection, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance.

Managing Conflict Resolution

“Underlying conflict is not as much the need to be right, but the need to be heard and validated.” – Develop a better understanding of Meta- Thinking and explore the basics of conflict resolution. To develop a more sustainable approach towards actively creating more conducive and inclusive environments to minimize conflict and high-intensity situations in the workplace. The workshop will offer simple techniques to enhance communication skills, understand the different team and relationship dynamics, and reduce the intensity of negative thoughts and emotions. The workshop will also show you strategies to neutralize conversations, develop a more proactive approach towards differences. These strategies enhance multiple skills, including neutralizing ineffective behavior, bridging poor communications, handling volatile outbursts, developing empathy for self and others, and deflating ego.

Constructive Feedback to Drive Your Teams.

How do you incorporate ongoing constructive feedback as part of daily interactions in an organization's culture? Explore the Psychology of communication and feedback and harness these concepts to improve feedback and communication by delivering clear, concise messages, motivating employees to improve and develop, and communicating developmental and growth areas within your teams, department, and across your organization. Using the AID Model, this workshop will help you learn how to enhance your relationship with your staff through giving constructive feedback. In addition, you will understand essential aspects of practical assessments of their performance, including concepts like timing, context, and frequency. Through this best practice, morale will be boosted within your department and a culture of growth across the organization.

Building Teams Through Empathetic Listening

What is the difference between listening and Hearing? Explore the types of listening, psychology of listening as well as key factors that influence it. The 7 Stages of Empathetic Listening is a psychological model that provides you with practical and effective strategies and simple hacks to identify effective listening practices. The workshop will support you to develop observation skills, identify and develop body language signals and indicators in an immersive, emotionally intelligent setting. Building on this knowledge will transform your learning experience and enhance your overall communication skills.

The Power of HIM - The 3 Unbreakable Laws of Presentation

How long does it take the brain to form confirmation bias? Explore the Psychology of Presentation and use this profound knowledge to hone your presentation skills, style, and strategies effectively. By customizing your practical presentations skills to influence your audience actively, you will stand out in the crowd and create a brand of yourself. The “Power of Him” is a Psychological Model that will raise awareness of the 3 Unbreakable Laws of Presentations, including connecting with the audience regardless of size, how to deliver information with impact, and how to make it memorable. You will be able to learn how to stand out from the crowd and influence your audience.

Finding a Purpose - Enhancing Internal Drivers of Teams.

This workshop will help you make use of your Legacy Driver to understand your life’s purpose. The Legacy Driver is a psychological model that allows you to unravel your inner passions, talents, gifts, core values, and skills to uncover your life’s purpose. In addition, by being conscious of your impact on society, including economic, social, and environmental aspects, you will learn accountability to yourself and your organisation.

Building Trust in the Workplace

“Building trust is a process. Trust results from consistent and predictable interaction over time”- Barbara M. White. Understand the essential key factors to build integrity, honesty and consistency, and the value of fairness and equality in acknowledging each person’s contributions. Participants will explore authentic leadership styles, which are based on critical components like listening and being vulnerable. Influential leaders understand the importance of being able to show their vulnerability to demonstrate their power. The Seminar will feature Takeaway activities and strategies for self-validation and enhancing your performance as a leader.

Leading Teams

What is your Engagement Character? How do you interact with your staff and colleagues? Effective leaders focus on how much value they add to their employees instead of how much value they get from their employees. This workshop offers practical and effective psychological Hacks that facilitate developing a more sustainable approach towards actively inspiring, supporting, and encouraging individual development. These strategies enhance exploring the difference between leading and managing, influencing and empowering others to develop a better understanding of different personalities and characters via the “Drama & Empowerment Triangles” model.

Women Empowerment

Explore Empowerment and its different context and how it influences you and your team. This workshop is for Women aspiring to stand out and make a difference by optimizing opportunities to guide and support women within their department, organisation, and globally. The workshop will showcase a guided practice model to raise awareness, build capacity, and develop your network to enhance women further domestically and internationally.

Creating an Environment for Success

What makes a conducive workplace to maximize your effectiveness? The workshop offers practical and effective yet straightforward solutions and tips towards creating a specific atmosphere for all employees and stakeholders’ environments. These serve to enhance an array of skill sets, from setting the tone and context for the desired work space to creating success criteria and parameters of a successfully conducive work environment.

Developing Efficient Learning Practices in the Workplace

How do you process information better and retain it for longer? How can you support long-term memory? In this workshop, we will explore the process of learning from both theoretical and practical techniques to guide their optimal learning process. This can be further developed as transferable learning skills which can be applied to their specific areas of expertise and learning needs.

Effective Decision Making

What are our decisions based on? Emotions? Mental thinking process or both? In this seminar, you will understand the elements that influence the decision-making process, the psychology behind it, and some practical strategies for effective decision-making. By having a deeper awareness of factors; like critical features identification, priorities assessment, and risk navigation, you are more likely to develop your decision-making skills.

Developing Your Adaptability for your Organisation

How adaptable are you as a leader? Do you implement different ways of thinking? How often do you shift and experiment as things change? This workshop will explore a deeper awareness and perspective of cognitive and emotional flexibility to be an effective leader by providing practical and effective psychological hacks for everyday use at home or the workplace.

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