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Science Exhibition

Using our Cross Curricular Curriculum, we wanted to create a comprehensive engaging fun and learning experience for children to learn about science inclusive of life skills. Incorporating theory and the textbook knowledge, the crosscutting concepts not only linked the different branches of sciences but also offered cross curriculum experiences linking knowledge to daily life experiences, math, and multiple intelligence skills.

At H2 we recognize that every child learns in a unique way, accordingly, the science Exhibition included different activities and concepts to demonstrate the need for a mixed cross curricular approach. To celebrate science, the Exhibition featured activities and resources starting from Patterns, Cause & Effect, Energy & Matter, Scale, Proportion & Quantity, Stability & Change, Structure & Functions, Systems & System Models. The Exhibition also included different Educational corners presenting wooden blocks sets, Jigsaw Puzzles, Lava Lamp and Tornado Experiments using basic recycled resources found at home. The children had the opportunity to experiment with different Human Body Parts and explore our Addie the Alien Sensory Lines and our very own Interactive Greetings Board.

The H2 Advisory designed crosscutting concepts activities and resources that were created to enhance and develop an array of skill sets ranging from:

  1. Introducing foundations of Mathematical and Sorting skills, problem solving abilities and spatial reasoning to enhance cognitive development memory abilities,

  2. Recognizing Sizes, Quantity and Measurements,

  3. Understanding Relationships

  4. Identifying Energy and how it behaves and flows

  5. Identifying System Mechanisms, Parts and Building Components.

Science Exhibition

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