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5 Brain Thinking Styles Ramadan Program

5 Brain Thinking Styles Ramadan Program

The H2Advisory 5 Brain Thinking Styles Program for Kids was offered in collaboration with Moonfame and The Playroom, Riyadh. Our Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) Specalists delivered an intensive 3-week course during the Holy Month of Ramadan, 2019. The 5 Brain Thinking Styles program is built on the H2Advisory How2 Think concept. This concept has been adapted from research that demonstrates different thinking styles used to understand how we think, feel and learn. (For most students, one or two of the thinking styles dominate. However, a small percentage of people have the ability to use all thinking styles in their approach to problems and solutions.) The program infuses the neuroscience of learning, Meta Thinking and Complex Reasoning with psychology in a child- friendly design. The Program offers practical engaging activities that serve developing and enhancing an array of skills ranging from different thinking styles, Emotional Intelligence and Literacy, effective communication, efficient learning, collaboration to 7Rs’ Learning Powers and Best Practices. The program was designed to adapt meta thinking and its application to different life scenarios that need different approaches and reasoning to employ the most relevant thinking style in a group dynamic to achieve maximum results.

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